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Demonstration task of the PREPARED project in Barcelona

At the present time is being carried out the European Collaborative project PREPARED Enabling chang (http://www.prepared-fp7.eu/). Over a period of five years, PREPARED is working with a number of urban utilities in Europe and worldwide to develop advanced strategies to meet anticipated challenges in the water supply and sanitation sectors brought about by climate change. The project will provide a framework that links comprehensive research with development programmes in these utilities. The PREPARED vision will provide significant synergistic opportunities that the utilities can utilize to improve their preparedness for the ongoing changes related to the provision of water supply and sanitation.CETaqua participates as a partner in the project, with the demonstration task of the “Evaluation of surface infiltration systems under extreme recharge water conditions: Barcelona’s case study”. The study is focused on the evaluation some parameters in the recharge water which may favor processes of clogging on the ground of the artificial recharge ponds of Sant Vicenç dels Horts, place where is being carried out the ENSAT project.

This location has been chosen because during the recharging phase in the ponds during the ENSAT project, there have been some interruptions during the recharge due to the increase of turbidity, Total Suspended Solids (TSS) or ammonium concentrations of the Llobregat river water. The system is stopped to avoid the effect of physical and biological clogging of the terrain located at the base of the infiltration pond, according to current established limits.

Within the framework of the PREPARED project, it is expected to determine the relationship between the concentration of the parameters mentioned above and the variation in the rate of infiltration in the recharge pond, in order to establish new criteria for the limits of concentration in the water inlet and thus to have safe operation and minimize maintenance as well.

The demonstrative task consists in the assembly and monitoring of an experimental column simulating real infiltration conditions, and the collection of the sediments settled in the infiltration pond of Sant Vicenç dels Horts to correlate both results.

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