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Extraction and sorption tests of reactive layer

Extraction and sorption tests were performed in January 2012 to have a better understanding of the behaviour of the reactive layer.

During a drought period, material was collected from excavated pits in the bottom of the infiltration pond. These samples will be lyophilised and the target emerging pollutants will be analysed by solid extraction in the CSIC-IDAEA laboratory. It will allow testing the retention capability of the enhanced system regarding these compounds after four months of operation of the reactive layer (June 2011 – November 2011).

Sorption experiments were assembled in the laboratory of AGBAR (stakeholder of the project). A solution of target micropollutants was mixed with Llobregat river water and put in contact with the compost-based reactive material in different concentrations. Water samples will be also analysed in CSIC-IDAEA facilities. With these experiments it will be studied the selective affinity of the target organic micropollutants.

These results will be available in March 2012 and will be included in the interpretation of the hydrogeochemical system.

Sorption tests in the laboratory