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Project event


Sampling and monitoring in the infiltration pond

After the installation of the reactive layer in the infiltration pond and the preparatory works in the intake of the Llobregat River another infiltration period has started. This phase of the project consists on 6 months of operation of the Sant Vicenç dels Horts Aquifer Recharge system.

During this period, technicians are sampling recharge water and groundwater around the infiltration pond. Moreover, different parameters as water flow, conductivity and turbidity are continuously controlled in the entrance of the pond for a better interpretation of the chemical analysis.

Field experimentation will continue until November, when results will be available. Each sample of water is analysed by the two laboratories participating in the project. CSIC-IDAEA is in charge of the analysis of the target organic micropollutants, while EMSHTR analyses basic quality parameters and bulk chemistry to study the evolution of the integrated chemical system in other to assess the efficiency of Soil Aquifer Treatment.

Recharge water in the infiltration pond.