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Project event


Installation of the reactive layer

The works for the installation of the reactive layer have started in Sant Vicenç dels Horts. The organic substrate layer consists of 50% of vegetal compost (which selection was based on the laboratory results) and 50% of local sand and gravel. The total volume of the compost is 1500 m3 and the layer will cover the total surface of the infiltration pond (5600 m2). The mixture with local sand and gravel will allow improving the hydraulic properties of the layer thus assuring the performance of the infiltration process.

Operators are working with specialized machinery for an optimal installation of the reactive layer. Moreover, the partners involved in the project are supervising these works to assure a uniform application of the reactive layer. Field works will continue during next weeks to cover the total surface of the pond before the infiltration period starts.


Mixing works and installation of the reactive layer (23/03/2011)