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Project event


First infiltration period starts

It has started the first infiltration period in the ENSAT experimental site. This inundation period will be done in natural conditions (the bottom of the infiltration pond hasn’t been altered) in order to have control data before the installation of the organic layer that will be installed on March 2011.

On December 10th the connexion gate was opened, allowing the arrival of Llobregat River water to the decantation pond in Sant Vicenç dels Horts. After 3 days of residence time to reduce turbidity, water has finally filled the infiltration pond. This infiltration period will last 2 months and complete sampling campaigns will be carried out.

Before the infiltration, ACA  (Catalan Water Agency) did some actions to optimize the infiltration: the surface of the pond was cleaned pulling up weeds and also it was levelled to have a homogeneous water column. The CUADLL (stakeholder of the project) has been collaborating in the field in order to achieve the objectives.

Moreover, a third island (called “C”) was constructed inside the pond. This new island complements the other 2 (called “A” and “B”). It has been instrumented with porous cups to take samples of the unsaturated zone, tensimeters, humidity sensors and temperature sensors.

View of the infiltration pond in Sant Vicenç dels Horts